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The first parking company established in the nation’s capital, Doggett’s Parking was founded in 1926 by Leonard B. Doggett, Sr. and Rose Marie Doggett. During this time, fewer than 100,000 cars traveled the streets of Washington, DC annually. Today, more than 500,000 vehicles drive and park in the metropolitan Washington region every day. As it was 75 years ago, Doggett’s Parking Company continues to be first in the nation’s capital with courteous, efficient and comprehensive parking services.  Learn more in Services

Today, Doggett’s Parking provides a network of convenient parking facilities strategically located throughout the Washington area. Commuters, shoppers, tourists – any motorist – can park at a Doggett’s facility and know that their cars will be handled with care by expert attendants wearing our distinctive green uniforms embossed with the Doggett’s Diamond logo.

Our long history of success is due, in part, to our continued dedication to positive customer influence through ease of parking and a courteous and proficient staff. We maintain this goal through intensive primary screening of personnel and continued evaluation and supervision.

Doggett’s present operation includes:

  • Shopping centers
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Federal enclaves
  • Commercial off-street parking facilities (both surface and sub-surface)

Notable facilities presently operated by Doggett’s Parking include:

  • The United States Department of State, Main Garage

Since 1961, we have met the unique demands of this 1,000-space facility, which requires maximum flexibility and coordination to accommodate visiting dignitaries, heads of state and their accompanying entourages.

  • Hilton Washington Hotel

Since 1983, we have provided specialized parking services to this premier hotel which daily plays host to top political and community events.